Tuesday, 25 February 2020 23:05

Lent 2020, Lectio divina with Pedro Poveda

TA members in Poveda Delegation offer us, once more, a way of prayer to guide us in the journey towards Easter.

The aim of the proposal is to maintain, in this time very especially, a sense of unity, knowing that being dispersed in distant places, prayer reunites us and gives us strength.

The followed pattern is that of Lectio Divina: lectio, meditatio, oratio, contemplatio.

To bring their texts to young people, the phrases of San Pedro Poveda are taken from the book Tengo algo que decirte. I have something to say to you. A selection of thoughts in bilingual edition prepared for the Centennial year of the Association, 2011, by Narcea publishing house.

Fifth week. Download the texts here. pdf cuaresmal

Fourth week. Download the texts here. pdf cuaresmal

Third week. Download the texts here. pdf cuaresmal

Second week texts. Download here. pdf cuaresmal

Texts from Ash Wednesday until the end of the first week. Download the pdf here  pdf cuaresmal

Poveda delegation of the TA is formed by members living in the USA, Canada and Cuba.