Tuesday, 17 March 2020 16:04

To live these circumstances from faith


The president of the Teresian Association invites us to live these moments from faith, hope and solidarity and recalls some recommendations of Saint Pedro Poveda for difficult times.

In a letter addressed to all TA members, the president, Maite Uribe, points out that “We are living through a very special time surrounded by people and unexpected circumstances that can disrupt our deepest attitudes and also our plans. At the same time, however, it can be a moment of grace to rediscover what is essential in our life, what has true value: faith and hope, solidarity and care for life, both our own and that of the others around us, and of course joy, the true joy that is born from within and that nothing or no one can take away.”precaucion

Apart from informing about adjustments and changes in calendar and scheduled activities, Maite Uribe brings to the present moment recommendations from Pedro Poveda, especially indicated for moments of difficulty that speak of finding joy inside us, to redouble prayer, to be very prudent, to console our neighbour, to depend on Providence, to have and give peace:

«Now is the time to redouble prayer, to do more penance, to suffer better, to overflow in charity, to talk less, to live closely with our Lord, to be very prudent, to console our neighbour, to encourage the fainthearted, to lavish mercy, to depend on Providence, to have and give peace, to edify one’s neighbour at all times.»
Pedro Poveda, Obras, I. Creí por esto hablé, [526].

“At this time, which will be one of grace for humanity, since all countries and continents are involved in fighting against the same virus, I invite you to look at the reality of each day, both personally and collectively, with the gaze of God , to know how to understand what these events are telling us.”, Maite Uribe concludes.

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