Monday, 16 March 2020 10:45

Workshop for couples on positive relationships


A close look at positive relationships by Claudia Hernández Madrigal, psychologist and sexologist. 

Fathers and mothers of children attending the Pedro Poveda School are committed to education and strive to learn how to live their family life to the full. 

The objective of the workshop was to encourage positive relationships from the perspective of self-esteem so that we can live together with others in a way that is based on respect and appreciation.  

There were several exercises that allowed us to identify the difference between “proper treatment” and abuse, to identify the tensions that are stopping us from connecting with each other, and to see how important it is to look at others’ eyes when communicating with them.  We used a flower to caress our partner’s face as well as our own as a massage of appreciation and self-esteem, and in order to discover new ways of expression and communication. 

We used plasticine modelling clay to make a symbol of encounter and communication. We lit a candle to show how it illuminates the times when communication is difficult, and how it strengthens when we are broken just like the wax reconstructs the candle again. Finally, we had sweets to show how we can be creative and sweeten bitter moments. 

Over 350 parents attended. Claudia commented on how it was a wonderful gift to see so many parents interested in their personal growth and their desire to exemplify positive treatment of each other for their children to imitate.

There was a general feeling that the workshop was amazing and that we learned various ways of getting to know each other and of treating each other well.

Cecilia Villalva G. México.
Translation: TA Translation team.