Monday, 24 June 2019 16:40

Together, volunteering transforms the neighbourhood


“Insieme” -Together- a volunteer association, supported by the Teressian Association in Italy, has celebrated 27 years of intense activity.

The event started with a festive parade of the band “Ausonia”. In the occasion several awards have been given, including a tribute to Lía Panera, founding member and first president of “Insieme”.tavolo di presidenza

Partners, volunteers, benefactors and families of the Tornice Gran Sasso neighbourhood, where the Insieme Association carries out its social work, gathered for the event, supported by the Service Center for Volunteering (CSV) of Cosenza province, in the region of Calabria, where Rossano is located.

In the Amarelli Comprehensive College, the director Tiziana Cerbino received the retinue thanking the work of the Insieme Association.

Then, volunteers, from the past and the present, and some young people in the neighbourhood gave their testimony: Melody, Giuseppina, Sara, Gaetano, who through their memories and their insistent call not to leave the neighbourhood, demonstrated that the planted seed produced the expected results.

One of the testimonies recalled the beginnings and how “that neighbourhood defined as at risk, has become an educational centre and social rescue” thanks to the action of teachers and volunteers strongly motivated and prepared. The periphery has come to resurge.

The multiple activities developed in the 27 years of history of the Volunteer Organization (OdV) “Insieme” have been synthesized in two videos whose images were presented before the attentive and excited eyes of those present.

President Saro Polimeni reviewed the years of synergic work, of forces that united to create a network of solidarity in light of the association motto: “Believe, dream, take risk”.

The road, never interrupted, proceeds today without respite with renewed civil commitment with the aim of building bridges, as a metaphor for inclusion and social integration, for a city of solidarity and without sala

And with this renewed effort, with the contribution of all people of good will and of the society: City Council, School, Church, Associations of the region and mainly with the participation of the Teresian Association, the president underline the actions that “Insieme” tries to carry out:

  • The school as the driving force of the neighbourhood. School buildings can become places of animation, social aggregation, integration and others, if they are accessible and open after school hours.
  • The CCR (Community Council of children) whose experience with the City Council of the unique city (Corigliano-Rossano) is being rethought and reformulated in the two areas, structuring ways of legal and active citizenship with the participation of the "Libera Association".
  • The course on fatherhood that some parents have completed is a very valuable resource for the neighbourhood, for their own welfare and of their children.
  • The residents in the neighbourhood who were kids 27 years ago, they are today adults and parents and they can pass on their experience and be an active part of a working table to recognise the needs and resources of the neighbourhood. Together we will be able to give meaningful answers.

A small great womanTarga a Lia Panera

The event concluded with the handing over of plates to the most representative people of the Association and with the tribute to Lia Panera, collecting her story in verses. It is the story of a small, great woman who has known how to influence with tenacity and tireless effort in the social tissue of our city.

Thanks to her and the entire Teresian Association, heart of the “Insieme” Association.

The afternoon has been animated by the musical performances of the students.

Information: Dra. Anna Oppido, Vicepresident of Insieme, Rossano.