Thursday, 30 April 2020 17:27

A shared gesture of solidarity facing the crisis

A shared gesture of solidarity facing the crisis Dio Hasbi Saniskoro


The Teresian Association proposes a solidarity gesture to respond to the humanitarian crisis provoked by the effects of the pandemic that we are facing.

TA Governing Council invites all members, collaborators, past pupils, families and friends of the Association to join in this gesture of solidarity, with a financial contribution to help meet so many basic needs that the crisis is bringing to light through international social and Church organisations.

The personal financial contribution will go to the account:

mascarillas cuidados

  • Coronavirus Emergency (Emergencia para el Coronavirus)
  • Bank: Banco de Santander
  • Account holder: Fundación InteRed
  • Account number:

In their letter proposing this gesture, the Council points out that “the call to solidarity and to go beyond ourselves has become a loud clamour. As Pope Francis says, an emergency such as COVID-19 can only be overcome with the antibodies of solidarity.”

Wider gap

We are facing a deep humanitarian crisis striking the entire globe. A crisis that, as always, more deeply affects the most vulnerable people and groups, and which widens the existing inequality.

We were asking ourselves what can we do? In these weeks, we have done much in many ways: working, staying at home, living out our mission, caring for others, with selfless and generous attitude, individually and as a group, keeping staff jobs, working with other entities, praying and accompanying those suffering.

Now, with an eye on the global reality of the Association, aware that in all countries there are many urgent needs to respond to and also taking into account those vulnerable populations that the Association particularly serves through the InteRed projects, the Governing Council thinks fitting to propose a gesture of solidarity to lessen the economic impact that is already happening and that will increase in the short and medium term.

Giving something up

The TA Council have decided to increase up to a total of € 127,240 the annual assignment quantity from the own budget to these social projects in 4 continents.

But it is clear that this contribution is not enough. Therefore the Council invites anyone concerned to join in this gesture of solidarity, with whatever contribution each, in conscience, can send by giving something up, changing some habit, giving up some extra pay, etc.

In due course, feedback will be given on those actions financed with the contributions received. InteRed, the NGOD promoted by the Association, which has the custom and
ability to act in emergency situations will advise the Governing Council in distributing and managing funds raised.

The TA puts this gesture of solidarity into the hands of St Pedro Poveda, remembering his words: In order to give you don’t have to be rich, it is enough to be good.

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