Wednesday, 14 August 2019 10:15

Young people stage the dream of Poveda

BOGOTÁ, Colombia

The Liceo Segovia Educational Community in Bogotá commemorates the martyrdom of Poveda with a play.

On the afternoon of July 27, the Liceo Segovia educational community began a meaningful encounter, a moment of prayer, calling to think and pray about the life of an audacious man who understood his moment and his context, San Pedro Poveda.

Next, this same community was surprised by a play by the Youth Group. Families, staff members, students and TA members, attended what was believed to be only a memorial meeting. But they encountered a theatrical presentation, very deep and original.

Liceo Segovia 4

Transformative education

The performance initially focused on Father Poveda's concerns about the need for an education that favoured the most needy but at the same time could have the qualified and committed people to it. The play wanted to show us the initial intuitions, the reasons that were maturing at the beginning of the Association.

After this tour, they have concentrated on highlighting the scope, or if preferred, the growth of the Work, the Teresian Association. The Youth group has brought Don Pedro in the scene to tell him how they see the Teresian presence in the world, to tell him that many dreams have come true, that his “good work” continues to impact and that it is still necessary to dream of the transformation, for a more human, supportive and fair world. They have talked to Poveda and an air of closeness and familiarity was created that it was impossible not to be moved. Liceo Segovia 3

«... and we don't stop dreaming ...»

It is impressive how students assimilate the values of the Teresian Association. Simplicity, sobriety and joy have made this presentation a sample of the character and spirit of what Poveda wanted of this Work of the Church. The families of Liceo Segovia have taken a pleasant and deep impact from this group that, once again, claims to continue dreaming of the “good idea”.

liceollenobogotaIn the end all the people who filled the hall, old and young, come together in a cheerful interpretation of the "Rumba a Poveda", composed by Elia Fleta.

Liceo Segovia, Bogotá.