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Passover in Los Negrales, shared faith experience


Passover 2019 in Santa María de Los Negrales, following Jesus who "precedes us" in our every day's Galilee.

A group of people of different ages and backgrounds -from several cities in Spain, families with children, young and not so young... some of them who had participated in many Passover celebrations in Los Negrales, others who came for the first time, gathered on the evening of Wednesday 17th April with the desire to live the central days of Holy Week in a climate of prayer, reflection, fellowship and as part of the Teresian family.

Pedro Poveda, on the anniversary of his ordination to priesthood, was already accompanying us on this path from his feeling and living, gazing and following in the footsteps of the Master.grupototal

On Holy Thursday we lived the Eucharist from morning till evening, emphasizing first of all the mercy and forgiveness, followed by the memorial of the gestures of Jesus who became a slave, servant, who took off his tunic and washed the feet of his disciples, ordering them to repeat the gesture, as well as the breaking of the bread and the passing of the chalice.

In the evening, the time came to accompany Jesus in the prayer of Gethsemane.

On Good Friday, accompanied as on Thursday by the rain, we began with a representation of the "Trial of Jesus" with a tribunal, a tough prosecutor, witnesses voicing accusations and false testimonies against Jesus, such as: that he did not respect the Sabbath, nor the law, who wanted to raise the people against Rome, etc. Also, in this case, there was a defense attorney, friends of the defendant, and his Mother testifying in his favor. But Jesus did not receive a favorable verdict and in the afternoon, as every Good Friday, we saw him carrying the cross.

The Stations of the Cross, due to the rain, were done inside the house. The darkness of the afternoon was illuminated with the light of the candles that the children, who also participated in everything, had set up. The prayer before the cross had been prepared by the youngest group.

On Saturday, the rain left us and around Mary we celebrated hope and the conviction that the cross does not have the last word.

The Easter Vigil was, as the liturgy intends, a feast, with music, dance, and flowers.

Jesus has truly risen, and as the motto of this year said, "He precedes us in Galilee", he is with us in our daily life showing us the way.

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Text: Info IT with testimonials of participants.
Translation: C Zabalegui and R. Cameron.