Tuesday, 07 April 2020 16:17

Holy Thursday, to love as Jesus loved us


Members of the Teresian Association in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal, have prepared two moments of prayer on Holy Thursday and invite those who wish to join in.

communion sgdaIt is a very special day: all over the world Christian communities are gathered to remember the Lord's Supper. Even in those countries where the day is not a holiday.

This year, the circumstances mark that we live this day in isolation, at home alone, with the family or with a few people...

We want to share these two moments of prayer in the morning and in the evening with everyone who wants to.

Morning Portico: Called to the same vocation. We propose to start the day in union, at 8:30 Coordinated Universal Time, UTC.

Portico of the evening: The gift of love. It is the prayer after the celebration of the Holy Supper. We propose to join at 19:00 UTC.

You can access the documents, available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, by clicking on the image.

Preparation and translation E7.