Thursday, 11 June 2020 13:44

The Cause of Elisa Giambelluca takes a new step


The Cause of Elisa Giambelluca has continued its course even amid the restrictions due to the pandemic. These days it has received the approval of the Theologians, which means that there are no obstacles to declare her “Venerable Servant of God”, although new steps need to be completed.

Elisa Giambelluca was born in Isnello (Italy) in 1941. She graduated in Mathematics and was Head of Rossano College. She joined the Teresian Association in 1964 and died at the age of 45 in 1986 from cancer.elisa graduacion

She was a simple, cheerful, helpful young woman who embraced her friendship with God in profundity right to the end. She showed with her life that “holiness is not a luxury”, as she wrote in her personal diary, and it is not only for a few predestined individuals but is for everyone.

The process for her beatification was initiated by popular demand in the Diocese of Cefalú (Italy), where Isnello is located, on 29 March 2009.

Positio CubiertaTalking about this important step, Encarnación González, Postulator of the Cause, comments:

“The Promoter of the Faith told me this morning (June 10) that all the Votes have been highly affirmative, entirely favorable to the Cause; that no one has raised any objection and that they have considered it of great interest at the present time. (…)

The step that the Cause of Elisa has just taken is fundamental, the most important, because in the study of Theologians it is where difficulties usually appear.”

There are new steps to take before being able to call Elisa Venerable Servant of God, previous stage to the beatification. Encarnación González explains the process in a detailed text that you can access here (in Spanish) document 32 .

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