Monday, 09 September 2019 18:11

Y4D are people, stories and actions

On July 14 of 2019 we bid farewell to two years of work with the Y4D project after a week in which we held the last International Seminar.

eurocamaraRepresentatives of all the partner organisations1 gathered in Brussels to say goodbye to a period of learning, dialogue and action. There were four main areas that guided the activities that were carried out over the week. We had the presence of a project expert: Mrs. Ute Haller-Block, Head of the Erasmus+ Department: Sport, Youth and EU Aid Volunteers was the one that opened the way for the first group presentations!

Peace and conflict resolution

The first days were spent closing the fourth semester dedicated to dialogue for peace and conflict resolution. Each group had chosen a conflict to work on and presented the peace actions that had been done in that regard. At the end, the whole group met to create a list of common breaks and drivers in the different conflict contexts.

One of the results of the project is going to be a book that we are writing together. Because of this, during another of the days we took the opportunity of being reunited to work by groups in the 5 chapters that will compose it.

comedorBeing in the European capital provided the opportunity to visit the European Commission and Parliament in the morning and the Parliamentarium and the House of European History after lunch. And of course, take a short sightseeing tour of the city. At midday, stop at “Chez Léon”, one of the most typical restaurants in the city centre.

Climate change

Last but not least, we simulated a UN session on climate change. We divided into small groups to represent both countries and organizations. At the end of the day, we voted on a resolution and the Teresian Institution will present it in its next participation in the UN.

We cannot forget the after-dinner gatherings in which we shared traditions and reflections, ideas and songs, projects and games. Fun and unforgettable moments.

We are convinced that the goodbye we said to each other is a simple see you soon and that we will continue to see each other and work together on the ideas that Y4D has seeded in our paths.

To Youth for Dialogue and all the people who have made it a success, a big and huge THANK YOU!

Arantzazu Aizpurua Arconada, EDIW intern, Y4D participant.

1- Y4D is the latest one of the two projects designed and coordinated by EDIW and funded by the European Commission. EDIW was born to be present in the field of higher education and the youth. EDIW is an entity promoted by the Teresian Association to be in charge of international projects. The first project was Roots and Wings. Y4D is an activity including ten countries in four continents where the TA is present.