Tuesday, 14 April 2020 10:49

Day-to-day confinement at Bana Ya Poveda

KINSHASA. DR of Congo.

From the “Bana Ya Poveda Center” they send Easter greetings and some images about how they live in confinement.

The TA project in Kinshasa for the schooling and vocational training of street minors with the aim of their family and social reintegration has also been affected by the confinement measures decreed on March 24 by DR of Congo President Félix Tshisekedi.

banaya3They send us images of the activities that they carry out now that the boys cannot go to the vocational schools where they study. The daily coexistence with the educators of the Center is closer. They are engaged in gardening, grow the vegetables garden, painting or arranging furniture, games ... Those who have a mobile share it to communicate with the outside. They follow hand washing guidelines... and celebrate Easter!

Jacinthe Kongolo, a TA member and educator at “Bana Ya Poveda”, expresses her faith and hope also at this time and congratulates Easter together with the residents and other educators.

In the DR of Congo, confinement measures mainly affect the capital Kinshasa, which registered the first infections from people who had travelled to Belgium. In total, Congo reports 235 cases of COVID-19 and 20 deaths, April 14, according to the global data map by researchers from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore (USA). Now, as confirmed by the WHO, there has been two deaths from Ebola virus, just when it was expected to declare the end of the epidemic after 42 days without cases.

A note about Africa

Africa, accustomed to pandemics of malaria, cholera, ebola ... totals around 14,000 cases of COVID-19 in mid-April, and 747 deaths, with South Africa being the most affected country. Equatorial Guinea reports 21 cases, but does not declare any deceased. His government has decreed contagion prevention measures such as the use of masks and gloves in the markets.

But the greatest evil facing the African continent is poverty and inequality. Among the measures requested by Pope Francis and by African leaders, is the cancellation of his external debt.

On Monday, April 13, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved the debt relief of 25 poorest and most vulnerable member countries, 19 in Africa, providing grants "to cover their IMF debt obligations for an initial phase over the next six months and will help them channel more of their scarce financial resources towards vital emergency medical and other relief efforts” they state in a press release.

Among those countries is the DR of Congo.

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