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Violence against women, the other pandemic


The NGDO InteRed is proposing a series of activities and resources to celebrate International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The commemoration this year is to show us that this kind of violence is claiming more victims each year than the current COVID-19 pandemic

Women Talking about Women (Mujeres que nos hablan de mujeres) and Check Out Equality (Toca Igualdad) are some of the resources offered for this International Day. They are especially intended for schools and include corresponding teaching guides. You can access them by clicking on the images.

intered 25noviembreWomen Talking about Women is a set of three graphic stories created from conversations with women who are in contact with the protagonists and active in the defence of equality. The materials are funded by the AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation) and are intended for young people from the age of 12. They are accompanied by a teaching guide to help identify sexist violence and its links to inequality, and to involve young people in its prevention and elimination at local and global levels.

“We want the presence of women to be made visible by naming them and showing them to be female points of reference. Their role now and in the past must be recognised. It is part of our commitment to co-education”, says Ana Arancibia, Director of InteRed. She says that it is important for young people to have references from other cultures that will help to broaden their outlook and to consider the connections between the global and the local.

A very real pandemic

According to the UN Women’s agency, one in three women in the world is subjected to sexual or physical violence, mostly inflicted by her partner.

This situation has been aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Data indicate that all types of violence against women and girls have intensified, especially domestic violence. In addition, sexual harassment continues to occur in public spaces and is growing on the Internet.

UN Women reports that 243 million women and girls have experienced physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner or in a family environment in the last year. Other forms of violence include human trafficking, genital mutilation or child and adolescent marriages.

In many cases, victims of violence do not know where to go to report it or to receive support. tocaiguladad 25novWith health services and other social services overburdened by the pandemic, many women are being deprived of any way out of situations of abuse and violence. Also of concern are cuts in grants and donations to entities that shelter and support vulnerable women or victims of such violence.

Commitment by InteRed

InteRed, a development NGO created by the Teresian Association, “works to contribute to the full enjoyment of human rights of both women and men. It strives to advance equity, the empowerment of women and increased appreciation of care work, a field traditionally considered to be the domain of women... a world where a person’s gender is not a reason for discrimination but an essential part of our plural, complex and enriching human diversity”.

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